james erin ceramics
James Erin Ceramics  was founded in 1989 at the Old School house in Houghton Bridge in Sussex ,  months after graduating from North Staffordshire Polytechnic ( now a University.. ). My full name is James Erin Ranson.. hence the name of the business .
   A good friend became business parter and we set about making collector teapots : we produced a limited number of these pieces over the next few years after which my friend  left for travel and the business moved to Runcton near Bognor to produce  planters for Freshacre Nurseries on a jigger/jolly machine ..
Despite the odd commission the arrangement was rather like running a factory with limited creativity and after two years ( and 50,000 pieces later ! )   I took off in a campervan to see Europe.
   On returning - I rented space at studio 401 and half in wandsworth where I spent an hour every evening, after working at a well known phone company, learning how to throw on the wheel. All work so far had been produced with industrial techniques and product development was much slower than using a potters wheel .. after three months I set up studio again at the Caterham Barracks, near Croydon , producing largely hand thrown planters for a garden centre  wholesalers in Mitchem.
   Several years on and another move back to the coast I built my first workshop ( shed ) , lowered my overheads and continued with a variety of different hand thrown items .. several wholesalers and Brighton market were my chief outlets . I met my wife in 2004 and have now settled in Bognor Regis where I have a studio ( large shed ) and still produce a variety of different types of ceramics.
I am essentially a designer- maker and have dabbled with a lot of different ceramic processes and styles :
garden wares : garden pots of various sizes - chiefly in terracotta clay
Architectural : chimney pots , barley twist edge tiles, rare ridge tiles,
floor tiles, wall tiles
domestic table-ware :  including salt pigs, garlic pots ,mortar and pestles, collinders, cuttlery drainers, egg dividers, storage jars, plates, mugs and cups, flower vases / stems
slip casting : figured teapots, lamps and money-boxes made by casting in plaster moulds
mould-making : have supplied local pottery suppliers as well as individual potters who have asked for plaster moulds for casting and handbuilding
Raku firing : I have a portable Raku kiln .. I regularly get hired to have 'raku'parties where pieces are glazed and fired on site ( there is usually food and wine involved also ! )
Classes :   currently running classes on saturday mornings in my workshop from 10.30 untill13.00 . possible mid-week classes to start !
James Erin Ceramics  has been around for over twenty five years and has always been receptive to new ideas /projects !
    hope you enjoy looking at my work,
                                                        jim ranson m.a.
    If you are interested in booking a workshop with me please check out the photos below : designed to cater for complete beginners and experienced alike the workshop is taylored to your requirement .. if you book a full day
( 5hrs with lunch-break in the middle )  I will set up a raku firing wherby you can decorate and fire some pots in the same afternoon.
  (  if you would like further info email [email protected]
or phone 07972 505451 )